British Midwife Delivered Her Own Baby

British Midwife Delivered Her Own Baby
A British midwife had to deliver without assistance. The birth of her child began three weeks before the scheduled time. The incident occurred with Claire Clarke-Wood, a worker of Croydon University Hospital.

As reported by The Daily Mail, the midwife felt premature contractions a few hours after she went home from her work at hospital in the evening of December 10. According to the 28-year-old woman, it was the first birth, so she knew that the contractions would be long. The woman decided to wait, until they subsided.

Despite this fact, the frequency of the contractions continued to increase, and the pregnant woman decided to move to the bathroom. The woman’s relatives called the team of doctors. However, Clarke-Wood managed to give birth to a child before their arrival. She delivered the baby, using a small make-up mirror and towels.

The midwife gave birth to a daughter in the morning of December 11. The weight of the newborn girl was about three kilograms.

Clarke-Wood has been working as a midwife at Croydon University Hospital since 2008. According to the newly formed mother, she had assisted the delivery of thousands of women during the period of her work, and many of those women gave birth at home.

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