Children Eat Veggies

Children Eat Veggies
Why don’t our children like to eat vegetables? One of the reasons may be sensitivity to bitterness.
This phenomenon is quite common among children. For example, 70% of the kids, who participated in the study conducted by American scientists in the laboratory for the study of obesity, said that they would rather be drawn to an apple or a banana than eat lettuce or even less desirable Broccoli.
Dr. Jennifer Orlet Fisher, who led the study, says that the gene TAS2R38, which is responsible for the way we perceive the bitter taste, should be blamed for it.
What does the doctor recommend to the parents, whose children fail to eat useful vegetables? One should just reduce their taste with low-fat yogurt or buttermilk and add applesauce or hummus to the salad.
Cook delicious dishes – from the point of view of your children, – and then your kids will eat broccoli, lettuce, and other vegetables.

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