Multivitamins Intake Helps Get Pregnant

Multivitamins Intake Helps Get Pregnant
According to the researchers from University College London, multivitamins make the chance of pregnancy twice bigger.
According to them, 60% of the women, who are taking the appropriate supplements during the course of IVF, get pregnant.
Dr. Rina Agrawal claims that the pills contain substances such as vitamins A, C, E, zinc, selenium, and folic acid that can increase fertility and that our diet usually lacks.
The scientists have tested this theory on 56 women aged 18-40 years. All of them were unsuccessfully trying to conceive a baby during the last year, using the IVF technology.
One half of the women, who participated in the experiment, received miltivitamins daily, and the other half had only pills with folic acid (which is believed to help get pregnant). As a result, it turned out that 60% of the women from the first group successfully conceived a child in the first three months. In the second group, only 25% of the women got pregnant after three months.

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