Woman Gets Pregnant Again and Again Despite Birth Control Techniques

Woman Gets Pregnant Again
When it became clear that a young Englishwoman had got pregnant again despite taking the contraceptive pill, the doctors decided that she simply had not followed the instructions as for taking it. But she became pregnant again and again, though she had referred to a more reliable method of intrauterine spiral.
Gemma Potter, the resident of the English city of Plymouth, is only 23 years old now. In 2006, when she met her future husband, she was a very young girl. Their love was passionate and mutual, but soon Gemma noticed a strange thing: all the contraceptives, which she resorted to, were completely ineffective.
As a result, she has given birth to three children during 5 years, and two pregnancies ended in miscarriages.
But the most piquant is the fact that the woman with three children and a young mother – judging by modern standards – is pregnant for the sixth time, although she took every precaution to prevent pregnancy.
Gemma and her husband Glenn made love no more than three times from the beginning of September until early December – once a month, as it turns out. The woman was very worried that she would get pregnant once again. But there was no way to escape her fate. Neither pills, nor intrauterine devices and hormone injections could help her. During the fall, she and Glenn used condoms, but Gemma still got pregnant.
At first, the doctors, whom she spoke with, only smiled and advised her to comply with the prescribed rules for the use of various contraceptive methods more carefully. But now they look at the woman as a kind of a medical phenomenon.
Gemma complains she has forgotten what a party with friends is like. She has forgotten the taste of champagne, whiskey, and wine. She will never be able to find a good job again, and all of that is because she is constantly pregnant. Gemma loves her children and her husband, but she is terribly afraid to once again discover that she is pregnant.
The woman decided that in future she would take advantage of this feature of her organism. After giving birth to their fourth child, Gemma is going to become a surrogate mother.

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