The Longer the School - The Smarter the Children

The Longer the School - The Smarter the Children
Norwegian scientists have proved that the children, who are given a more intense academic load at school, may enhance their natural IQ level.
The fact that the school provides knowledge and adds more reason is not new. However, early studies on this subject show that the children with high IQ levels have most likely received a better education than others. Now, there is strong evidence that additional education makes the child more intelligent. We are talking about years, and not about seven classes a day and the load of numerous elective courses.
How did it become clear? Some time ago, there was an education reform carried out in Norway, and the period of secondary education was increased for two years. The scientists compared the data of the people, who had studied before these developments and after them. It was found that the additional workload had had a positive impact on the growth of the rate of schoolchildren’s mental development, and their IQ had been increased by 3.7 points on average.
The results of this study are sensational, at least because the vast number of psychologists and educators continue to believe that IQ level is determined by genetic factors. They claim that IQ is stable and not susceptible to any modifications. And for them, it is a matter of faith rather than of scientific findings.
So, if your child has decided to quit school and go get secondary special education, try to convince him or her that a few extra years at school will give him more intelligence.

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