More Women Turn to Surrogate Sex Partners

More Women Turn to Surrogate Sex Partners
More and more women turn to the services of surrogate sex partners in the recent years. According to the recent data from the International Professional Surrogate Association, the purpose of these meetings is to awaken a woman’s libido.
Surrogate sexual partners are treated differently. It is believed that providing this kind of therapy is unacceptable on ethical and moral consideration. However, statistics shows that women themselves increasingly turn to health centers, where the treatment of sexual coldness presupposes the so-called surrogate sex. According to the experts, women talk with doctors about their sexual problems more openly, and the bulk of those seeking help includes women aged up to 40 years. They are socially successful, but for some reasons they experience sexual difficulties.
This type of sex treatment (it has purely medical goals) involves intimate contact with the professionals, who work with the patients to improve their confidence and skills in their intimate life and make their physical contact more comfortable both psychologically and physically. With the help of surrogate sex, one can treat vaginismus and other sexual disorders, deal with cases when women are burdened by lingering virginity, or when they have experienced a sexual trauma.
This kind of sexual therapy emerged in the 1970-s for the first time and was used primarily to help men. These days, professional surrogate partners are employed in many family planning centers and private offices of sexologists, whom women do not hesitate to contact.
The experts emphasize that surrogate sex has nothing to do with “gigolos”, since it is not a romantic adventure. Women resort to this type of aid when other means of solving sexual problems have proved to be helpless. But still, this kind of sexual therapy is regarded extremely exotic in medicine.

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