Mother’s Age and Breast Cancer Risk in Daughter

Mother’s Age and Breast Cancer Risk in Daughter
A new study shows that with age, under certain conditions a girl can develop breast thickening, which is a serious risk factor for cancer. If a mother gives birth to a girl when she is over 39, and if before puberty the girl is taller and thinner than her peers, she has a high chance of getting breast cancer.
Virginia Loup, the author of the study, explains that it is associated with an increased content of hormones. The risk of cancer is also caused by the speed of a girl’s maturation. If breasts begin to grow too rapidly, the predisposition to cancer evolves, as well.
Medical Express reports that breast cancer remains a genetic condition, but other factors also have influence – for example, the age when a woman gives birth to her first child and the number of children.
The study is published in Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.

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