Pregnancy After 50 Is as Dangerous as IVF at a Younger Age

Pregnancy After 50 Is as Dangerous as IVF at a Younger Age
The average age of the women, who are mothers, has grown in recent years. There are even pregnant woman, who give birth to babies at 60 years. The implantation of embryos, obtained from the fertilization of eggs of younger women, can help women to get pregnant and give birth even if their menopause has already begun.

The new study involved more than 100 women aged 50 and more, who had given birth as a result of artificial insemination. It showed, rather surprisingly, that pregnancy at that age was no more dangerous than artificial insemination at an earlier age. The study, conducted by the experts from Columbia University Medical Center (USA), is the most considerable so far.

It was found that these women faced the same risks of complications, as those who were younger. They were no more prone to premature birth and diabetes caused by pregnancy, than those, who had gone through IVF under the age of 42 years.

According to Dr. Mark Sauer, if pregnant women over the age of 50 receive the attention of specialists and undergo qualified tests, they are most likely to have a normal course of pregnancy and childbirth.

In general, it is much easier for women after 50 to bear a child than to get pregnant. In contrast to the ovary, where eggs develop and become mature and the necessary hormones are produced, the uterus, where the embryo develops, varies slightly with age. Taking hormones, women will be able to give birth to a healthy baby.

In any case, pregnancy after 50 years is very rare. Thus, the American doctors had to take the cases during over the period of 10 years to conduct their study. In 2009, the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University found that the extreme ordinary age for a natural pregnancy was 43 years.

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