Pregnancy Short Memory Syndrome

Pregnancy Short Memory Syndrome
You shouldn’t have smiled, seeing this headline. In fact, the mission of the pregnant woman‘s brain is the most noble one: it only remembers what it really needs at this period of the future mother’s life.
Laura Glynn, a psychologist from Chapman University in California, has held a number of studies that prove the idea that pregnant women do suffer from short-term memory loss, and the brain as if focuses on the needs of the child, while everything else is in the background.
Especially if it is not the first pregnancy, expectant mothers know that it is this temporary happy condition which makes them extremely forgetful. They can fail to remember what they have been doing, where they have put the car keys, what day of the week it is. But it does not matter, and neither the pregnant woman, nor the people around her should be scared by it. Be sure the “brain will get back in its place” exactly at the moment when the baby is born. One will need extreme concentration, good reaction and endurance, so the body is prepared in advance by accumulating energy.
Dr. Glynn explains that these changes make a woman absent-minded, forgetful and extremely sensitive. They can be caused by hormonal changes in her body, by the moving of the fetal cells into the mother’s bloodstream (the scientists believe that these cells are attracted to certain brain areas), and the movements of the fetus. And even if the child moves almost imperceptibly, any change in the position of its body increases the heart rate of the expecting mother. In addition, pregnancy is a critical period for the development of the central nervous system of the woman, but, unfortunately, the scientists do not know practically anything about it. The only thing we can say for sure is that all these components taken together affect the pregnant woman’s brain, making it so… “absent-minded”.

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