Doctors Ask Pregnant Women to Stop Smoking

Pregnant Women to Stop Smoking
All people are well aware of the fact that smoking is very harmful and hurts not only the health of the smoker. Nevertheless, many women, even being in the family way, cannot get rid of this bad habit once and forever.
The experts from the University of New South Wales announced the shocking statistics. It turns out that every fifth expectant mother has the bad habit of smoking regularly, despite all the doctors’ warnings.
Fathers also treat the health of their future successors condescendingly and do not prevent pregnant mothers from smoking.
It is worth mentioning that female smokers may face the increased risk of having a child with heart disease, and the risk of the baby’s birth defects on the part of the gastric tract is three times bigger, as the scientists warn.
In addition, the toxins that cigarette smoke contains affect fertility very badly. The experts from the University of Newcastle suspect that this detrimental effect of smoking may affect more than one generation. Thus, the daughter of a non-smoking mother can have problems with fertility because of the grandmother, who was smoking…
Professor James Walker from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston once again warns pregnant women that smoking is dangerous because of such problems, as stillbirth, deformities of the baby, and premature birth.
The experts stress that expectant mothers and their families should do everything possible to give up this bad habit at least during pregnancy.

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