Best Foods for a Pregnant Woman

Best Foods for a Pregnant Woman
Best Foods for a Pregnant Woman
A young woman should get ready for the birth of a child from a very early age. But she should especially prepare her body during pregnancy.

Why Is Healthy Nutrition So Important during Pregnancy?

There is no need to convince anyone that proper nutrition for pregnant women is extremely important, because wrong nutrition (not balanced, not rational) can provoke the development of edema, increased blood pressure, impaired placental blood flow, nausea, vomiting, and so on. And it is not because of the woman being poisoned, but because of her vital processes being affected.
Consider the three super products for pregnant women, the regular consumption of which has a positive impact on the health of a woman and the formation of the fetus.

Rabbit Meat Is the Best for Pregnant Women

The first product is rabbit meat. It is in the rabbit meat that most protein is contained, which is 21% of the total weight. What is the function of the protein in the body? It contributes to construction, transportation, production of energy and performs the protective function of the enzyme. All immunoglobulins, all protective antibodies are proteins. And it is impossible to build a future body without protein!
Pregnancy is an amazing process, especially when you think what tremendous growth the fetus undergoes in a woman‘s body. From a completely invisible cell it turns into a human being weighing about 3 kg in just 9 months. Of course, this requires a protein. It is also worth saying that rabbit meat is the lowest in cholesterol and is the most hypoallergenic meat.

Eating Cottage Cheese during Pregnancy Provides Calcium

The second product is cottage cheese. Of course, the dairy products also include proteins, but the expectant mother and her baby are in special need of calcium, and cottage cheese is known to be a source of calcium. Calcium is the basis of bone formation, and its deficiency in pregnant women leads to two negative consequences: misformation of normal bones in the fetus and osteoporosis (calcium loss from bones) in the woman herself. Also, we should keep in mind that our bodies have tiny bones in the middle ear that are responsible for transmitting audio signals to the receptors in the brain. If the mother lacks calcium in the first three months of pregnancy, the child may be born deaf. And, of course, calcium is important for women during pregnancy because many women with the lack of calcium in the body start to suffer from crumbling teeth.

Broccoli Provides Pregnant Women with Folic Acid

The third product is broccoli. What is this product rich in? It is rich in vitamin B9 (folic acid). Folic acid is especially needed in the early stages of the fetus development (the formation of the nerve tissue and central nervous system). Moreover, formation of red blood cells and transfer of oxygen are impossible without folic acid. It turns out that there are two objectives to be achieved by introducing broccoli into the diet: forming the nervous tissue and fetal nutrition. In addition, this is a source of fiber, which is very important for the pregnant women, who are often predisposed to constipation.

How Much of These Foods Should a Pregnant Woman Eat Daily?

The question arises: what is the daily intake of these products? The diet of an expectant mother should contain a minimum of 100 grams of rabbit meat per day; there should be 100-150 grams of cottage cheese and 600 grams of broccoli. It will help to avoid constipation and will provide a solid foundation for the healthy cells of the future organs. The servings are small, but the expectant mother should eat varied foods to provide the child with all the components of biochemistry without gaining weight herself.

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